Shipping Information

ATTENTION PLEASE: Not all products are shipped with EWINE SECURE PACK®!

Those products which don't have an Original/Factory box are shipped with EWINE SECURE PACK® and they are marked as:

The other products are shipped with their original box and they are marked as:


The Enoteca Confetteria Carosso uses a totally new type of environmentally friendly packaging: EWINE SECUREPACK® (

This "in order to prevent potential damage during the delicate phase of shipping glass bottles with traditional or express courier. The simple mounting system of internal modules and the complex architecture of the structure, able to absorb bumps even more difficult, make of the EWINE SECUREPACK ® currently the most practical, safe and economical on the market today".



  • The only one made entirely of cardboard approved by UPSTM courier for the shipment of bottles
  • System approved by couriers BartoliniGLS
  • Maximum security against bumps and accidental drops
  • Provides excellent protection against temperature changes more information
  • 100% recyclable material

Shipping Time:

Italy: 24/48 hours

4/5 days

7/12 days

The Enoteca Confetteria Carosso ships in 35 countries around the world!


See if your country is part of the list before signing up and proceed with the purchase!

List of Countries:

Europe North America Asia Oceania
-Andorra -USA -China -Australia
-Austria -Japan
-Belgium -Taiwan
-Czech Republic
-San Marino
-Slovak Republic


Some of the images and phrases on this page are owned by NAKURO Srl and are used with the simple purpose of reference to inform future purchasers of the type of packaging we use for shipping.

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