Enoteca Confetteria Carosso

In the center of Alba, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, the 'ancient main street, there is the Enoteca - Confetteria Carosso.

The shop was established nearly a century ago, has always provided the finest products of Alba, there you can find sweet specialties like Cuneesi Rhum and Barolo, the chocolate truffles and hazelnuts, nougat Relanghe product within the ancient recipe based hazelnut "Piedmont Langhe" and honey, the delicious chocolate of Guido Pejrano Gobino, and marron glaces of Agrimontana and many other delicacies.

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In the recent years it has been also expanded the assortment of wines, with particular attention to the DOC and D.O.C.G. Langhe; also in this case, the Enoteca presents the best is now available on the market.

The same rigorous selection process has been implemented on the spirits (present in 60 different types), for extra virgin olive oils and renowned producers of balsamic vinegars of Modena, rice and stone ground flour.

The family Carosso has come a long way since the store was only one grocery store, those of the past, present especially in small countries, which sold everything from salt, spices, coffee and sweets.

And when the grocer has also become an Enoteca, the passion and th hard work has increased the prestige for the quality of products offered and for the service always impeccable.

With the experience of the tradition, the store is proposed on the virtual world to deliver the most qualified products from Piedmont, those who made our hills famous.

Inside our site you will find a list of what is proposed. We are also at your disposal for products not currently present.

We are confident that we will meet your goodies and we can count you among our best friends!

Nadia and Walter Carosso

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